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Insider’s Guide to Facebook Advertising: Country Targeting — Reach vs. CPC [Infographic]

Part of Facebook’s draw in being such a transformational media platform for advertisers lies in its global connectivity. 75 percent of Facebook’s 845 million active users live outside the United States, with the social network supporting 70 different languages.

With this global user base and a real-time ad marketplace, many marketers face a dilemma in balancing country reach (the number of targetable users in that country) and cost goals when bidding for ad placement on Facebook. We pulled data from the 175 billion Facebook ad impressions managed through our Ad Engine  in 2011 to compare the reach and average cost-per-clicks (CPC) for countries across the globe — featured today on Business Insider:

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Brands Beyond the Page Like: Toyota, Heinz, Universal Pictures

Last week three big brands released innovative Facebook campaigns that demonstrate how traditional brand marketers are moving beyond the Page Like in their advertising efforts on the social network.

With these campaigns being developed through their respective ad agencies, it was fitting that STRATA also released their quarterly report last week, showing that 89% of ad agencies use Facebook in their campaigns (a 10% increase from Q2).

Toyota’s ‘Social Network Racer’

TOYOTA SOCIAL NETWORK RACERToyota has created a branded Facebook arcade-style racing game in anticipation their new sports car model, to be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in December. The App creates a customized course in the shape of your first name, pulling in photos and other profile information to populate billboards alongside the course. Players can “test drive” the new Toyota model, challenging their friends in track times, successfully creating both a personalized and social in-game experience. Players are competing globally in in an effort to be awarded a grand prize trip to Japan or receive an exclusive painting of the car created by the concept car’s designer.

According to Adverblog, Japanese ad agency Party is behind this social game.

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