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Highest Grossing Horror Film Franchises: How Does Popularity Compare on Facebook?

Happy Halloween! If you’re not trick-or-treating tonight, you’ll surely be catching a classic horror movie on television. When it comes to franchises, Friday the 13th takes home the #1 spot in being the highest grossing horror franchise of all time — $380,637,525, or $31,719,793 on average for each of the twelve movies (that’s not counting the TV show and video game). Saw comes in at #2, grossing $342,510,598 overall, or $34,251,060 on average for each of the ten movies. Given many of these franchises are over thirty years old, we were curious how their popularity compared today on Facebook.

The top 10 highest grossing horror film franchises are listed in order below; however, as you can see, their box office popularity doesn’t correspond to their Facebook popularity:

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