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Nanigans Case Study Published in Facebook’s Marketing API Directory

We recently collaborated with Facebook and social game company 50 Cubes on a Facebook advertising case study centered on the developer’s latest game, Fashion Designer.

Published by Facebook on Friday in the Marketing API Directory, the case study outlines an effective Facebook advertising strategy that leverages both Marketplace Ads and Sponsored Stories.


  • Acquired 169,000 new players during the 4-week campaign
  • Increased Fashion Designer’s daily active user base to 390,000 customers and monthly active user base to over 3.3 million
  • Increased conversion rates by 60% and decreased cost per installs (CPIs) by 45%

Key Lessons:

  • Marketplace Ads and Sponsored Stories are best used in combination to enable efficient acquisition of high-value customers
  • Marketplace Ads are instrumental in driving awareness and testing for converting and profitable audience segments
  • Sponsored Stories are an effective method to drive social referrals once a critical mass of customers exists and a clear understanding of valuable customer characteristics are identified


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Using Facebook to Find Your Most Profitable Customers [Case Study]

Last week Nielsen analyzed and published an online advertising case study that underscores (1) the unprecedented (and guaranteed) targeting available when advertising on Facebook and (2) the importance of measuring beyond the click through of an ad.

The case study centered on an online advertising campaign for a CPG geared toward women aged 25-54. Ads were deployed across three ad networks and one women’s interest site; however, only 27% of the time did the campaign in fact reach that intended audience! Worse yet, Nielsen found that purchase consideration was barely impacted by the campaign. (MediaPost followed up with an article highlighting the disconnect: Nielsen Finds No Relationship Between Clicks and Sales.)

This particular ad campaign did not run on Facebook, where the CPG could have guaranteed it reached its intended audience of women aged 25-54 100% of the time. More important, our own case study of a leading online men’s retailer echos Nielsen’s findings around there being little relationship between ad clicks and sales:

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