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10 Interesting Facebook Open Graph Apps and Actions

Aside from its IPO, the big Facebook story over the past week has been the addition of over 60 Open Graph Apps. When these Apps were announced back in September at f8, our SVP of Product, Rishi Dean, wrote two great posts—first breaking down Facebook’s Open Graph platform and announcements at f8, and a second outlining how together these announcements form a “social feedback loop.”

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3 New Facebook Apps That Differentiate: Citi, Mercedes and KLM Airlines

With the new year has come a rush of new technologies and products as companies battle to capture the attention of consumers. More than ever before, companies are recognizing the vast potential that social has to offer, and are actively integrating Facebook Apps into their products in an effort to differentiate themselves and forge deeper relationships with their customers. From financial institutions to car manufacturers, companies are focusing their efforts on incorporating one of America’s new favorite past times into their product offerings—social connections. While companies once invested much of their money into radio and TV, they are now investing more and more into interactive advertisements and other offerings relevant to the social media world and their customers’ personal lives.

Here are three of our favorite new interactive Facebook apps designed to differentiate each company in 2012:

Citi’s ThankYou Points Sharing App

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The Economic Impact of Facebook’s App Economy

FACEBOOK APP ECONOMYWe’ve seen some flavor of these headlines across pretty much every tech, social and business outlet over the course of the last week:

“Facebook Apps Have Created 182,000 Jobs in U.S. Economy”“Facebook App Ecosystem Gives Economy $15.7B Boost.”

The headlines are based on a study, The Facebook App Economy, which was published by the Center for Digital Innovation, Technology and Strategy (DIGITS) at the University of Maryland. The professors conducting the study in fact interviewed us at Nanigans in their research, with the goal of understanding and measuring the impact the Facebook Platform has had on the US economy.

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