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Nanigans Receives ‘Hottest Boston Company’ Award

Nanigans is excited to announce being a recipient of Lead411’s 2012 ‘Hottest Boston Company’ award.

Lead411 conducts research on the fastest growing technology companies in the United States, for customers like Gartner and ADP. Their city-by-city ‘Hot List’ awards were created to recognize quickly growing companies in this space.

In Boston, a pool of 1776 local companies from the software, wireless, hardware, internet and media industry were researched in the process. That list was narrowed down to just 62 award recipients that represent the hottest, fastest growing companies in the Boston region, chosen on their merits of achieving a 100% increase in revenues or receiving over $2M in venture capital in the last two years.

The third annual Boston award, Nanigans is honored to be recognized alongside other Boston technology leaders like HubSpot, JumpTap, uTest,, Black Duck Software, Backupify, CustomMadeGazelle, and Gemvara. We want to thank Lead411 for the award and recognition, and congratulate all our fellow award recipients!

2012 is off to a great start for Nanigans and its Facebook advertising software, from new clients, partnerships and product features to the exciting campaigns managed through our software by the largest and most sophisticated advertisers on Facebook.

This award tops off another consecutive quarter of double-digit growth for Nanigans, and we look forward to continuing to grow and innovate in 2012!

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Nanigans Partners with Advertising Agency Hill Holliday, Accelerates Introduction of Ad Engine™ to Existing Clients

BOSTON, Mass. –- March 1, 2012 (BusinessWire) — Nanigans, Inc., a Facebook® Ads API developer focused on helping marketers maximize ROI from their Facebook advertising campaigns, has been selected for partnership in Hill Holliday’s Project Beacon program.

Hill Holliday’s Project Beacon program was designed to offer strategic counsel and promote collaboration between the agency and ad tech startups. With the goal of bringing innovative advertising technologies to market faster than ever before, Hill Holliday will provide client introductions as well as offer strategy, product development and growth advice to Nanigans as part of the partnership.

“A Facebook strategy has become foundational to marketers today. Nanigans offers a platform that allows advertisers to measure and optimize their Facebook ad spend to meet specific goals on and off Facebook, such as registrations, viral shares and purchases,” explained Seb Maitra, SVP and Group Media Director at Hill Holliday. “We find Nanigans’ transparency, strategic guidance and focus on ROI optimization extremely helpful as we seek to maximize the impact of our clients’ footprint on Facebook.”

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Nanigans on the Speaking Circuit: Cornell, Social Media Week NYC & More

Recently the team at Nanigans has been on a bit of a speaking circuit, on topics ranging from Facebook advertising and social commerce to more general startup marketing. Here’s a recap:

Cornell University

Our SVP Product, Rishi Dean, made a guest appearance as professor of digital marketing at Cornell University. As part of his invitation to speak at Cornell, Rishi was asked to create and propose a business case for students to complete. While the full text of that case isn’t publicly available, below are the presentation slides Rishi used to take students through the evolution of online advertising and how the rise of social networking is transforming the space.

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Nanigans Closes 2011 with Explosive Growth

Company Achieved 1600% Growth in Facebook Ad Spend; Cements Leadership Position in Facebook Marketing API Technology 

BOSTON, Mass. –- January 31, 2012 (BusinessWire) — Nanigans, Inc., a Facebook® Ads API developer focused on helping marketers maximize ROI from their Facebook advertising campaigns, today announced details of their corporate momentum and growth achieved in 2011. With marketers increasingly turning to Facebook, Nanigans’ Ad Engine™ served over 175 billion Facebook ad impressions during the year.

Through its software built on the Facebook Ads API, Nanigans enabled more than 700 large-scale Facebook ad campaigns domestically and internationally in 2011, with customers spanning sectors from e-commerce, social gaming, media and entertainment to brand marketers and advertising agencies. In terms of the volume of Facebook ad spend managed by the Nanigans Ad Engine, the company averaged a 52% monthly growth rate – cumulatively, an increase of 1600% over 2010.

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Nanigans Announces San Francisco Expansion

Leading Facebook® Ads API Developer Increases Service to Existing Clients and Expands Presence in Key Market

BOSTON, Mass. – December 7, 2011 (BusinessWire)Nanigans, Inc., a Facebook® Ads API developer and technology company focused on helping marketers maximize the effectiveness of Facebook ads, today announced the opening of a new office in San Francisco.

The expansion reflects Nanigans’ ongoing investment and commitment to customer service and growing demand from companies operating in the region. The office also positions Nanigans in closer proximity to Facebook, working to foster product innovation using the Facebook Ads API.

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Nanigans Interview Featured on

Earlier this week, a tech and startup new media outlet in six cities across the US from Boston to San Francisco, featured an in-depth profile of Nanigans. The article highlights our Facebook ad optimization platform, the Ad Engine, and was based on an interview last month with our founder and CEO Ric Calvillo.

Thanks to Erin Kutz for taking the time to get to know us and for the great article!

Nanigans Aims to Offer Up-to-Minute Insight for Facebook Ad Campaigns

Serial entrepreneur Ric Calvillo had planned to stay away from enterprise customers with his newest venture. He’s now CEO of Nanigans, a Boston-based startup that offers a Facebook advertising platform for enterprise customers with a couple thousand dollars to spend a day on online ads. Oops.

“We’re scaling right now with large accounts,” he says. “That’s exactly what I didn’t want to do”

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Our Meme Obsession: Taken to A New Level, Thanks to AnyArt

The Nanigans team has a confession: We have a serious meme obsession.

Our big campaign dashboard screen provides our Ad Ops team a quick way to monitor all the campaigns being managed on our Ad Engine — and it doubles quite nicely as a place to project a new, funny meme each day. QuickMeme makes it easy for anyone at Nanigans to submit a meme there (like this one of Patrick Star teaching Ad Ops).

Over the last week our meme obsession has been taken to a whole new level — thanks completely to AnyArt. In managing a Facebook advertising campaign for this innovative online art company, we were offered the chance to test drive their service. AnyArt takes an image or photograph of your choosing and converts it into a hand-painted piece of art on canvas. We, of course, submitted a few of our favorite memes — and check out the amazing results:

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Nanigans in the News: Roundup of Recent Press

Nanigans was featured in the media several times in the last week, so we wanted to highlight all that press and thank the journalists who got to know us a bit better:

Boston Globe

Tech firms hop on Facebook’s wave

Globe reporter Michael Farrell visited our office in October to interview our CEO, Ric Calvillo, about building a company around Facebook. The article was featured on the front page of the Boston Globe yesterday, along with several other Boston companies including Brand Networks, Awareness Inc., Vivox, Zynga‘s Cambridge office, and and our investor Rich Levandov of Avalon Ventures. Read the rest of this entry

Nanigans Exceeds 80 Billion Facebook® Ad Impressions in Q3

Nanigans’ Ad Engine™ Served Over 10,000 Facebook Ad Impressions Each Second in Q3

November 7, 2011 – BOSTON, Mass. (BUSINESS WIRENanigans, Inc., an advertising technology company and Facebook Ads API developer focused on helping marketers maximize the effectiveness of Facebook ads, today announced dramatic third quarter results. The company’s Ad Engine™ delivered 80 billion social ad impressions on Facebook in the third quarter alone.

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