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Big Box Retailers Go Digital: Home Depot, Kohl’s and Walmart

Three big box retailers made ad news headlines this week for shifting their budgets online, with Facebook being a core component to their newly minted digital strategies. Home Depot, Kohl’s and Walmart favor digital’s impact, targeting and measurement — not to mention its help in stealing e-commerce share away from powerhouses like Amazon.

E-commerce represents approximately 8 percent of all retail sales, and convenience, price comparisons, exclusivity among many other benefits are pushing more and more shoppers online. At our office, for example, most people rely on multiple orders a week from companies like Amazon and Stop N’ Shop’s Peapod service to fulfill their wants and needs. Granted we live in the city, it still reflects a mass shift in behavior from just a few years ago — and traditional big box retailers have taken note:

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Facebook Featured on 10% of Mary Meeker’s 2011 Internet Trends Slides

MARYMEEKERWhile mobile was crowned the “mega-trend of the 21st century” in Queen of the Net Mary Meeker’s 2011 Internet Trends presentation earlier this week at the Web 2.0 Summit, Facebook did not go unnoticed. The social network was front-and-center on a tenth of this widely followed analyst and KPCB venture capitalist’s annual breakdown of Internet trends. We pulled five of our favorite slides from that presentation:

A Global Leader

Facebook was identified as a “mega-leader” across the globe, fourth only to Apple, Google and The company’s estimated market value is $77B, with revenues going nowhere but up — impressive given the trodden tech giants ahead of the social network on the list.

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