INFOGRAPHIC: Insider’s Guide to Facebook Marketing – Hidden Gems of Targeting

Part of Facebook’s draw in being such a transformational media platform for advertisers lies in its global reach. 75% of Facebook’s 800M active users live outside the United States, and the social network supports 70 different languages.

So, what countries should you target when advertising on Facebook?

We ranked twenty countries by their number of Facebook users, average cost-per-clicks and average clickthrough rates in the infographic below (just published on All Facebook) to help answer the question:

Facebook Infographic - Facebook Marketing: Hidden Gems of Targeting
Facebook Advertising

Please feel free to use and share this infographic by copying the embed code below:

<a href=””><img title=”Facebook Marketing Infographic” src=”; alt=”Facebook Infographic – Facebook Marketing: Hidden Gems of Targeting” width=”570″ height=”936″ /></a>
<a href=””>Facebook Advertising with Nanigans</a>

Keep your eyes peeled for more infographics from Nanigans in 2012!

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  1. Great data that you are presenting here.

    However, just to clarify, does 5 stars for CPC indicate that the average price is high or low?


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