50 Best Places to Work in 2012: Which Wins in Popularity on Facebook?

Glassdoor, an online career community with company and job information such as salaries and reviews, just released their 4th annual ranking of the 50 Best Places to Work. The ranking is unique in that it is generated based on reviews by the people who know about what it’s like to work at these companies best — their employees. We were curious how these companies’ popularity compared on Facebook, and below are the top 15 companies from the list with the largest net and popularity on Facebook:

Best Places to Work

All of the top 15 companies with the greatest Facebook reach are consumer facing, with business facing companies like Bain & Company and McKinsey & Company (ranked #1 and #2 best places to work by employees, respectively) not making the list. To no surprise, Facebook, the 3rd best place to work in 2012, comes out on top with well over twice the reach of Disney — the company with the 2nd greatest reach on Facebook. Google, Nike and Apple — all popular consumer product companies — round out the top five.

We then examined the demographic breakdown of the five companies with the greatest Facebook reach:

Nike is the only company with a larger fraction of male interest on Facebook than female interest. Disney, followed by Facebook itself, has the largest fraction of interest from females on Facebook.

When breaking down interest in these companies on Facebook by age, Nike and Google resonate most with younger Facebook users. Nearly 90% of these companies’ interest bases are under the age of 30. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Facebook has the largest fraction of older users interested in the company on Facebook, with over a third of the company’s interest base over the age of 30.

Congrats to all of these companies for their Employee Choice Awards!

Does anything surprise you about the data? Let us know in the comments!

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